Workshop: Kimchi Making

Kimchi has been a traditional dish in Korea for thousands of years. There are hundreds of kimchi recipes in existence today, but one of the most classic includes fermented cabbage, radish, scallion, red chili paste, garlic, ginger and red pepper powder. You can make it at home or buy it in the store. Either way, it should be fermented yet unpasteurized and stored in the refrigerator for the probiotics to stay intact.

Kimchi is low in calories yet rich in good bacteria, fibre and key vitamins. It is known to have many impressive health benefits, including improved digestion & immune function, cancer prevention, and anti-ageing effects. As a rich source of probiotics, this fermented food can be beneficial to many health conditions, including diarrhoea, eczema, IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, H. pylori, vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, recurrence of bladder cancer & etc. The workshop will come with a recipe, all the ingredients you’ll need and a container to bring back your homemade kimchi. The biggest takeaway is not a simple recipe, but a life skill for when your craving hits!

(min 15 pax to start class).

Trainer: Lynn Chang
When Lynn’s children were suffering from a bout of vomiting and diarrhea, she fed them milk kefir given by a friend. They recovered overnight. Since then, she has been a steady advocate for fermented products, making milk kefir for her children, as well as various other food items lke yogurt, gingerbug soda and black ginger, koji, kimchi, kombucha and sauerkraut. She is currently learning how to make her own shampoo, shower gel and facial moisturiser with natural ingredients. 

Date:    15 January, Tuesday
Time:   2:30pm—4:30pm
Venue: WINGS
Price:   $38 (Client); $50 (Non-Client)

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Workshop: Spice Kitchen

This is an introductory workshop to some spices that you may like to get acquainted with and a better understanding on how to include them in your food. In this special workshop you will experience and learn a variety of 20 spices like fennel, fenugreek, from the well known ones like black pepper to exotic ones like nutmeg and mace. Is vanilla a spice? Come to find out. Pick up the skills to be a spice mistress. You will learn:
The history and origins of spices;
– How to use spices in food and natural remedies;
– How to make a basic curry powder;
– How to make a Chai Tea from scratch;
– How to buy and store spices.

Trainer: Ajuntha Anwari (Medicine Woman Asia)

Certificate Plant-Based Nutrition – Colin T Campbell School of Nutritional Studies -Cornell University/eCornell
Specialist Diploma Health Promotion – Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore
Diploma Anatomy/Physiology/Massage – ITEC UK/
Professional Certificate Clinical Aromatherapy – Shirley Price College, UK/
Diploma Horticulture /Garden Design – Singapore Botanic Gardens
Certified Reiki Practioner 1/2 – Usui Shiki Ryoho method of natural healing – Barbara McGregor 1994/1995
Reiki 3- Master Level – 1997 – Julliette Munro ( Bali )
Date: 15 February, Friday
Time:  2.30 pm — 4.30 pm
Venue:  WINGS
Price: $38 (Client); $50 (Non-Client)

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Workshop: Pain Management using Essential Oil

Pain when it is not effectively treated and relieved, has a detrimental effect on all aspects of quality of life. Make health your first priority and empower yourself with the knowledge of using CPTG essential oils with specific therapeutic hands techniques safely and effective relief pain issue, saving tons of money and time without the negative effects associated with drugs. In this informative class you will learn how to use natural solutions for all your aches and pains from headache, muscle ache to joint pain and inflammation. It is time to experience deep relief from pain. You will learn:
1) what are essential oils?;
2) how they help for pain relief naturally;
3) practical applications to reduce inflammation.
Bring home a 10 ml pain management blend with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.

Trainer: Zee Lin (eScential Life)
Zeelin is the founder of eScential Life Pte Ltd. eScential Life conducts a series of corporate wellness talk , DIY Workshop, such as creating your own Personalised Perfume, DIY natural beauty care product , DIY make up products like natural ingredient Lipstick and Soap Making using therapeutic-grade Essential Oils. Zeelin is also a WSQ certified baby massage therapist. Professionally, she works with various partners to conduct health and wellness classes on Stress Management, Pain Management and DIY Team-bonding Workshop to Organization like OCBC Bank, Philip Capital, HDB , LTA, Orange S.A.

Date: 18 February, Monday
Time:  2.30 pm — 4.00 pm
Venue:  WINGS
Price: $25 (Client); $35 (Non-Client)

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