Workshop: Spice Kitchen

This is an introductory workshop to some spices that you may like to get acquainted with and a better understanding on how to include them in your food. In this special workshop you will experience and learn a variety of 20 spices like fennel, fenugreek, from the well known ones like black pepper to exotic ones like nutmeg and mace. Is vanilla a spice? Come to find out. Pick up the skills to be a spice mistress.

You will learn:
– The history and origins of spices;
– How to use spices in food and natural remedies;
– How to make a basic curry powder;
– How to make a Chai Tea from scratch;
– How to buy and store spices.

Trainer: Ajuntha Anwari (Medicine Woman Asia)

Ajuntha Anwari is the founder of Medicine Woman Asia whose mission is to empower women through wellbeing education and leadership. Medicine Woman Asia is a platform for women to gather to learn ways to heal using natural and simple gifts from nature. She is a trainer and guide in the art of plant medicines and phyto-nutrition. She promotes the power of plants and teaches ways to include their healing in the food we eat and the management of our health. Ajuntha presents Medicine Woman Asia through workshops and speaking engagements at Community Clubs and Business Corporation here in Singapore and abroad such as Bollywood Veggies. She is currently writing a book “My Strong Medicine”. She travels in South Asia frequently compiling information on healing traditions, medicinal food and blogging. 
Date: 15 February, Friday
Time:  2.30 pm — 4.30 pm
Venue:  WINGS
Price: $38 (Client); $50 (Non-Client)

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Workshop: Pain Management using Essential Oil

Pain when it is not effectively treated and relieved, has a detrimental effect on all aspects of quality of life. Make health your first priority and empower yourself with the knowledge of using CPTG essential oils with specific therapeutic hands techniques safely and effective relief pain issue, saving tons of money and time without the negative effects associated with drugs. In this informative class you will learn how to use natural solutions for all your aches and pains from headache, muscle ache to joint pain and inflammation. It is time to experience deep relief from pain. You will learn:
1) what are essential oils?;
2) how they help for pain relief naturally;
3) practical applications to reduce inflammation.
Bring home a 10 ml pain management blend with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.

Trainer: Zee Lin (eScential Life)
Zeelin is the founder of eScential Life Pte Ltd. eScential Life conducts a series of corporate wellness talk , DIY Workshop, such as creating your own Personalised Perfume, DIY natural beauty care product , DIY make up products like natural ingredient Lipstick and Soap Making using therapeutic-grade Essential Oils. Zeelin is also a WSQ certified baby massage therapist. Professionally, she works with various partners to conduct health and wellness classes on Stress Management, Pain Management and DIY Team-bonding Workshop to Organization like OCBC Bank, Philip Capital, HDB , LTA, Orange S.A.

Date: 18 February, Monday
Time:  2.30 pm — 4.00 pm
Venue:  WINGS
Price: $25 (Client); $35 (Non-Client)

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