WINGS attended the Digital for Life Appreciation Dinner on 4 Nov 2022 to celebrate the digital projects supported by Digital for Life Fund.

We are one of 130 partners who run digital projects under Digital for Life. 

Our Digital Ties That Bind workshops is one project focused on empowering mature women to pick up digital skills to stay connected with their family, friends and the community. Apart from basic digital skills, we also teach women digital content creation skills such as creating family websites, e-newsletter and legacy videos. We are heartened that 34 senior women have already taken up the challenge. Twelve of them have even stepped forward to volunteer as WINGS Senior Digital Ambassadors (WSDA) to teach other senior women basic digital skills. Kudos to the women who rose to the challenge! You are testimony that age is no deterrent to staying digitally connected.

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Interested to join our digital initiative? Book a free consultation with our WSDAs to learn basic digital skills like backing up your digital photos, hosting your own Zoom meeting, i-banking and more! Click on the link below to find out more.