In a five-part series of talks on “The Art, Science and Good News of Ageing” organised by The HEAD Foundation, healthcare professionals and NGO leaders shared on how we can age optimally into our golden years (26 Oct – 7 Dec 2022).  From Society of WINGS, Founding President Dr Kanwaljit Soin and Lee Foong Ming (Manager, Programme Development & Volunteer Management) were among the speakers. The HEAD Foundation is an international charitable organised based in Singapore which promotes education and healthcare across Asia.

Getting Age-Prepared — The Art, Science and Good News of Ageing (16 Nov 2022)

What happens when social needs that come with ageing are not properly fulfilled? In the third talk in the series, Lee Foong Ming (Manager, Programme Development and Volunteer Management) spoke on social frailty, a circumstance that can lead to decline in physical and mental health in one’s later years.

Besides her personal experience as a volunteer befriender to the elderly, Foong Ming also shared practical tips on communicating with seniors, and how we can help them stay socially engaged. Her co-panelist, Prof Wong Poh Kam, (Emeritus Professor, NUS Business School) shared the practical tools that can help ourselves and our family plan and navigate the realities of ageing.

Philosophy of Ageing – The Art, Science and Good News of Ageing (7 Dec 2022)

It has been WINGS’ mission to empower women to age well by staying healthy. What are the steps we can take to stay healthy as we age? In the fifth and final talk in the series organized by the HEAD Foundation, Dr Kanwaljit Soin, Founding President of WINGS, gave her take, together with Prof Cheung Chan Fai, former Chairman of the Department of Philosophy in The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

At 80 years young, Dr Soin is a living example that we can indeed live longer and stay healthy. Her tips include adopting a positive attitude towards ageing, leveraging on our crystallised intelligence, having sufficient sleep and more. 

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