Programme Title Reframe & Rewire for Transition Workshop
Programme Overview

As employees approach middle and retirement age, they come face-to-face with major life transitions such as making mid-career switches or retirement.

Navigating the challenges of transitions successfully begin with making certain one’s finances are in order. It is never too late to start and being prepared gives one peace of mind when transitions happen.

An essential part of moving through transitions is also the ability to adapt to changes. Resilience helps one manage stress, regulate emotions, and enhances overall well-being. In fact, it is a skill associated with increased lifespan.

Finally, a successful transition is about getting into the right mindset and staying positive. When one takes steps towards positive ageing, one will flourish.

Programme Objectives

This programme aims to:

  • arm participants with the tools to start planning for a financially secure future
  • channel their energy and experience into new opportunities and possibilities to achieve a joyful and purposeful life, whether in a new job or in retirement.
  • develop an evidence-based, relevant and applicable well-being plan that will increase resilience, confidence and optimism in the third stage of life.
Programme Outline

This is a 2-day Programme consisting of:

  • Module 1: Develop a Financial Plan to Prepare for Life After Retirement (Day 1 – AM)
  • Module 2: SPARK* Resilience for Positive Psychology (Day 1 – PM)
  • Module 3: Develop a Lifestyle for Ageing Well (Day 2)
Programme Fees

$360.00 per pax 

Singaporeans and PRs aged 50 and above will be eligible for National Silver Academy subsidies and will pay $160.00 per pax.

Who Should Attend A Singapore Public Officer who is planning for major life transitions during your mid/later adulthood.
Mode of Delivery This programme can be delivered either Face-to-Face or Online (Zoom).
WINGS Contact Person

Bhavani D/O Sahadevan –
General –

Office Number: 62501012

Note If you have any enquiries or wish to arrange for an in-house programme, please email WINGS Contact Person.