Empower Women to Learn & Grow

With physical Flag Day events cancelled, Giving.sg has launched a virtual E-Flag Day campaign, in partnership with Society for WINGS for International Women’s Day! From now till 21 March 2021, you can scan the Paynow QR code to make a donation towards providing opportunities for women to learn and grow.

Scan the QR code in the image to donate now.
Go to bank app > Open up “QR Scan” > Upload QR Code Image

Any amount, big or small, will make a difference.

Everyone has had a woman who influenced our lives, be it a grandmother, mother, aunt, or teacher. Women often play the role of caregivers in our society, nurturing and shaping us from young so we can become the people we are today.

Aside from taking care of their families, some women are also sole or significant contributors to their family’s finances.

Society for WINGS is dedicated to help women age well through programmes focused on financial security as well as physical and emotional health. Through the initiative, women may form meaningful relationships within the community.

All funds raised from donations will be used to help us develop our programmes and run a centre where women can come to learn and connect with one another in a supportive, conducive environment.

Every little act of acknowledgement and encouragement goes a long way toward supporting these women and their families. Donate now.

Terms and Conditions for E-Flag Day

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