Interest Group: Sudoku

A “brain” puzzle that requires cognitive skills, spotting patterns, quick decision making and logical reasoning. Join regular sessions to keep your mind active

Date: Every Tuesday

*Class is suspended till 4 May 2020

Time: 2-3 PM
Price: $12 (per month); $4 (per session)

Arts & Crafts: Balloon Sculpting

Date: Every 2nd Wednesday of the month
Time: 2.00 pm—4.00 pm
Venue: WINGS
Cost: $5 (Client); $8 (Non-client)

Note: the programme is suspended till 4 May 2020

Workshop: 8 Gingers for Health

Learn of varieties of 8 gingers that are available in local markets. There are over 300 varieties of botanical gingers in the world. The workshop will focus on 8 special gingers that are powerful plant medicines:
1) Old ginger
2) Turmeric
3) Red ginger
4) Galangal
5) White ginger
6) Yellow ginger
7) Bitter ginger
8) Fragrant ginger

Experience the taste, scent, colour and heat of these gingers and be acquainted with them. You will learn how to make a tonic, soup, tea and body compresses.

Trainer: Ajuntha Anwari (Medicine Woman Asia)
Medicine Woman Asia’s mission is to promote the power of plants to the world and create healing communities that heal the world together with love and compassion. The mission is to educate and heal.

Dates: 31 August, Monday
Time: 2.30 pm – 4.00 pm
Venue: WINGS
Cost: $30 (Client); $45 (Non-Client)