Workshop: Creative Flower Arrangement

What You’ll Learn

You will learn how to arrange roses and carnations into an adorable dog. Suitable for animal lovers and flower arrangement enthusiasts.

What is cover in this course:

·       Types of flowers that will be used

·       The importance and understanding of colour and texture of flowers.

·       Care and maintenance of flowers

·       Foam base preparation for creative arrangements

Class Level : Beginner

About the trainer: Yulliana

Yulliana is a certified florist under Yamano Florist & Ikebana School with 3 years of experience in retail and floral arrangements. She also has 6 years of experience in management and accounts positions.

Date: 28 August 2019, Wednesday
Time: 11:30 am -1pm
Venue: WINGS Junction 8,Office Tower, #05-01
Price: $42 (Client); $52 (Non-Client)

Workshop: Autumn Theme Flower Arrangement

We welcome autumn with colours of copper, yellows and orange to make a flower arrangement that can be a perfect gift. A versatile table arrangement, it develops your basic floral skills and you will be guided in creating a simple and charming piece that can be adapted for all occasions.

All material and flowers will be provided. No experience required.

About the trainer: Juliana

Juliana is the owner and floral designer of The Green Room. She was trained in western floral arrangement at the Raffles International Floristry Academy and holds the 4th Certificate from the Sogetsu School of Ikebana.

Juliana was a marketing professional and has worked in the UK and China. She pursued her passion in floristry in 2014 and has since nurtured her interest into various forms of floral design, creating bespoke setups for events and weddings and offering classes for flower enthusiasts.


Date: 3 September 2019, Tuesday
Time: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Venue: WINGS Junction 8,Office Tower, #05-01
Price: $65 (Client); $88 (Non-Client)

Workshop: DIY Natural Lipstick with Essential Oils

Based on a study done by the European Scientific Commission on Consumer Safety,

FutureDerm calculates that the average woman ingests 3.7 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. Which begs the question, what exactly is going into our bodies?

According to Compound Interest, a majority of lipsticks include chemicals such as fragrances, propylparaben, methylparaben and retinyl palmitate. The Environmental

Working Group lists each of these common lipstick ingredients as a moderate to high hazard in cosmetics, those are the main ingredients of women hormone disruptor!

Make your own and you have peace of mind with all natural ingredients!

In this workshop, you will learn :

  • How synthetic chemicals affect our health?
  • What type of natural ingredients are available for a beauty product?
  • Lipstick making process and it’s ingredients
  • Hand’s on professional look lipstick that is safe to use
  • Choose and blend your desired colour and essential oils

In this workshop, we will provide :

  • DIY lipstick recipe
  • All materials and bring home self-made lipstick
  • Notes
  • Bonus gift – DIY lip scrub with essential oils

Trainer: Zee Lin (eScential Life)

Zeelin is the founder of eScential Life Pte Ltd. eScential Life conducts a series of corporate wellness talk, DIY Workshop, such as creating your own Personalised Perfume, DIY natural beauty care product, DIY make-up products like natural ingredient Lipstick and Soap Making using therapeutic-grade Essential Oils.
Her experiences in the effective usage of therapeutic-grade essential oils make her realize how empowering it is to be able to impart people with the knowledge of using natural solutions that is affordable, effective with no side effects.
Professionally, she works with various partners to conduct health and wellness classes on Stress Management, Pain management and DIY Team-bonding Workshop to Organization like OCBC Bank, Philip capital, HDB, LTA, Orange S.A.

Date: Next run TBC
Time:  2.30 pm — 4.30 pm 
Venue:  WINGS Junction 8,

Office Tower, #05-01

Price: $38 (Client); $57 (Non-Client)

Workshop: Mindfulness with movement

Treat yourselves to a restful pause, turning inward to find out how things are, in a gesture of self-care. Together we will explore various tools to cultivate mindfulness with movement. By coming close to see how the body and mind are inextricably linked from moment to moment, we discover new and skillful ways to work with them, finding more calm and joy in our lives. Come and use this opportunity to refresh and recalibrate your mind and body.

Trainer: Margaret Van

An anthropologist by training with a love of languages, Margaret aspires to share the practice of mindfulness to people near and far. She believes mindfulness is first and foremost an embodied practice and incorporates movement into her classes.
Certified to teach MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) to adults and MiSP (Mindfulness in Schools Project) curriculum to children, Margaret tailors her classes to cater to students’ individual needs.


Date: 27 August 2019, Tuesday
Time:  2.00 pm — 3.30 pm 
Venue:  WINGS Junction 8,

Office Tower, #05-01

Price: $15 (Client); $25 (Non-Client)

Note: Please bring your own yoga mat.

Fitness intro Workshop: POUND

POUND is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. Using Ripstix®, lightly-weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercise, POUND transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out. Designed for all fitness levels, POUND provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, improving your health and rocking out!

*Max 15 pax per session, confirmed seats first come first served based on payment.
** Regular class will commence at later date (same day & time) should we have enough participants.

Participants need to purchase their own ripstix.  Each pair of ripstix cost S$26 which includes the tax and shipping cost (10 to 14 days for shipping).  Please make the necessary arrangement with trainer direct when the class start.  You may use the trainer’s ripstix for the time being.

Trainer: Vivian Cheung

Vivian Cheung is a certified POUND Pro and Zumba Instructor.  Join her for POUND class and elevate yourself become Movement Musicians by way of Unleashing your inner Rock star during the class! 

Date: Next Run TBC Sept / Oct 2019
Time:  4.30 pm — 5.30 pm 
Venue:  WINGS
Price: $15 (Client)

For enquiries, please call WINGS at (65) 6250 1012.

Fitness Intro Workshop: BodyArt Workout

BodyArt is an award winning fitness program from Europe.
It’s an intense holistic & functional, mind & body workout, combining strength, flexibility, cardio workout and breathing techniques. It has everything your body needs in a single workout.
BodyArt is based on the principle of Yin & Yang & the 5 elements of Chinese medicine.
It’s non-spiritual.

*Note: Please bring your own yoga mat.

Trainer: Kelly Petersen

Kelly Petersen is a qualified instructor for BodyArt, Zumba, Strong by Zumba & Pilates. She has been conducting fitness classes for the last 7 years. She is very passionate about health & fitness.
Her teaching style is fun, friendly & encouraging.

Date: 29 August, Thurs
Time:  11am — 12 pm 
Venue:  WINGS
Price: $12 (Client)

Arts & Crafts: Balloon Sculpting

Date: 8 May, Wednesday (every 2nd Wednesday of the month)
Time: 2.00 pm—4.00 pm
Venue: WINGS
Cost: $5 (Client); $8 (Non-client)

Interest Group: Sudoku

A “brain” puzzle that requires cognitive skills, spotting patterns, quick decision making and logical reasoning. Join regular sessions to keep your mind active

Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 2-3 PM
Price: $12 (per month); $4 (per session)

Support Group: Menopause Personal Counselling

Menopause is part of a woman’s natural ageing process. Rather than creating a wall of silence around it and trying to cope on your own, it is important to talk about it & find support.

Date: Every Tuesdays
Time: 7.00pm – 8.00pm
Price: $12 (client); $18 (Non-client)