WINGS is committed to create a community of active women who take personal responsibility for their own well-being and development, to support each other in their journey to age with confidence and dignity.

WINGS engages older women through our holistic and proprietary training programmes to bring about sustainable change in behaviour and lifestyles habits. The programmes aim to address gaps that older women may face in emotional, health and financial areas. They help to create awareness and equip participants with knowledge and skills to evaluate and adapt as their needs and circumstances change with the ageing process.

Our flagship CoreAct programmes are known as HappinessAct, HealthAct and MoneyAct. These subsidised, interactive learning programmes help participants to cope with pressures of daily living. They learn to manage relationships, adopt healthy lifestyles to avoid chronic diseases and find out more budgeting and safety nets offered by the government. In the year 2016, 683 women have attended these programmes. WINGS also offers our CoreAct courses for corporations. For more information, please email:[email protected] or call 6250 1012.

Since June 2016, a number of WINGS subsidised programmes and talks have been offered under the National Silver Academy (NSA) scheme. The NSA is a network of post-secondary education institutions (i.e. ITE, polytechnics, universities, and arts institutions) and voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) that offer learning opportunities for seniors. To sign up for these courses, refer to our website:

WINGS holds featured talks on health, happiness and security as well as support and interest groups to engage our clients. To sign up, please check our ACTIVITIES page.

To encourage our women to give back to society, WINGS provides our women with volunteering opportunities. See VOLUNTEERING section for more information.