Event: State Court Guided Tour

Curious to know what the State Courts do?

Join our guided tour of the State Courts to find out more!

Highlights of the Tour:
1) Introduction to the State Courts and the types of cases they handle;
2) Visit a courtroom;
3) Observe a court hearing, availability subject to court schedules.

*Male family members & friends are welcome

DATE: 12 December, Wednesday
TIME: 10.00 am — 11.30 am
PRICE: $8 (Client) $12 (Guest of Client)
(Meeting point: Chinatown MRT Control Station @ 9.30am

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Workshop: Coconut Kefir (with Water & Milk Kefir)

Coconut kefir is both lactose-free and gluten-free. Similar to dairy-based kefirs, coconut kefir supplies your gut with lots of beneficial bacteria that improve your immune system, digestive system and fight infection. Kefir made with dairy is typically tolerated well by lactose intolerant people, but some people are extremely lactose intolerant and avoid dairy at all cost. Coconut kefir is a great alternative to milk kefir with its delicious flavour profile plus the amazing benefits! Come and learn how to make 2 types of coconut kefir with both coconut milk and coconut water using a few various ways. Please bring along 2 clean wide neck glass containers to store your cultures.

Date:        14 December, Friday
Time:        2.30pm—4.30pm
Venue:     WINGS Junction 8, Office Tower, #05-01
Cost:          $30 (Client); $45 (Non-Client)

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Workshop: 8 Gingers for Health

Learn of varieties of 8 gingers that are available in local markets. There are over 300 varieties of botanical gingers in the world. The workshop will focus on 8 special gingers that are powerful plant medicines:
1) Old ginger
2) Turmeric
3) Red ginger
4) Galangal
5) White ginger
6) Yellow ginger
7) Bitter ginger
8) Fragrant ginger

Experience the taste, scent, colour and heat of these gingers and be acquainted with them. You will learn how to make a tonic, soup, tea and body compresses.

Trainer: Ajuntha Anwari (Medicine Woman Asia)
Medicine Woman Asia’s mission is to promote the power of plants to the world and create healing communities that heal the world together with love and compassion. The mission is to educate and heal.

Date:        17 December, Monday
Time:        2.30pm—4.00pm
Venue:     WINGS Junction 8, Office Tower, #05-01
Cost:          $30 (Client); $45 (Non-client)

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