Digital Ties That Bind Project: Legacy Video

Ever thought of what is the most precious gift you can leave for your family, your friends? It is your memories. With WINGS’ Digital Ties That Bind project, you can now record your stories and turn them into a Legacy Video to keep for posterity. The production process is simple. WINGS Senior Digital Ambassadors (WSDA) will interview you and/or any of your family members and edit it and photos you may have, into a two to three minutes video for you. This FREE service is for WINGS Clients and Associates only.

What is the most precious gift you can leave for your family, your friends?

Choose your theme for Legacy Video:

Want to give your Mother a meaningful, heartfelt gift for Mother’s Day? Take part in Celebrating Mothers: A WINGS Video Project. Now you can record stories of your mother and have them made into a video to keep for posterity.

What was life like when you were in your teens, twenties and thirties? Where was your favourite haunt and how was school life for you? Go down memory lane and capture your memories in a Legacy Video for you to look back on.

What family traditions does your family observe today? And what do you remember about your family traditions when you were growing up? It could be writing your name on new textbooks and stationary before the start of the new school year, big family gathering every month for “makan”, or staying awake on Chinese New Year Eve in a wish for your parents’ longevity. Tell us why you observed these traditions, the values they instill in you and how you would like them to be passed down to your children.

Your wedding is probably the most memorable milestone in your life. With photos and videos of your wedding day and an interview of you recounting that special day, you can create a legacy video for yourself and your loved ones. And you can even make a video about your children’s own weddings and how you prepared for their big day.

Do you have a message for your loved ones or your friends? Record it in a meaningful video that you can send to them and keep for posterity.

Think about the important people in your life.  Your grandparents.  Your parents.  Or even your aunts, uncles, or teachers, those who were a mother or father figure to you. How did they impact your life?  What will you always remember about them?  Share your memories of what they mean to you.

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