The Story of Ageism in the Southeast Asian Region (18 Aug 2023)

Did you know that workplaces in Singapore have the highest incidences of age discrimination in the Asia-Pacific region? Dr Kanwaljit Soin says ageism is prejudice against our feared future self. And it compromises our quality of life in old age by affecting us mentally, emotionally and physically. In this article, Dr Soin shares solutions on how we can make our society more age-friendly.

The Straits Times article: Old and lonely after a successful career, and even when living with family (16 May 2023)


The Straits Times article: Ending ageism - the prejudice against one's future self (30 Sep 2021)

“Ageism exists because of fear and denial that we will become the other person – the other older person – and we do not want to be old because we have been bombarded with negative messages that getting old means going downhill both physically and cognitively.” says Dr Kanwaljit Soin. This article was first published in The Straits Times. For latest news and information, go to https://www.straitstimes.com/

The Straits Times article: Concrete proposals to tackle women's issues to be presented in early 2022 (18 Sep 2021)

More equal workplace opportunities, more caregiver support and increased protection for women, both physically and online. Prime Minister Hsien Loong said these are three broad areas in which Government policies and programmes can help level the playing field for women.

The Straits Times article: New teaching guidelines aimed at helping seniors learn better (13 Mar 2021)

Launch of the Geragogy Guidelines

The Council for Third Age (C3A) and the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) have launched a set of guidelines aimed at producing an effective learning environment for seniors. The Geragogy Guidelines include teaching methods like peer learning which senior learners relate better to. Society for WINGS attended the launch on 12 March 2021 and we encourage our trainers to incorporate the guidelines when conducting courses offered at WINGS.  A copy of the guidelines can be downloaded from www.c3a.org.sg

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The Straits Times article: Change caregiving attitudes to close gender pay gap (1 Mar 2020)

"The responsibility of caring for children or older parents and relatives should be shared by both men and women equally." says Dr Kanwaljit Soin


The Straits Times article: Living Well: It matters that men and women age differently (25 Nov 2019)

"Be aware of gender differences when crafting policies, so as to create a caring, inclusive society." says Dr Kanwaljit Soin

The Straits Times article: New cells for old as we age (28 Oct 2019)

"Nature provides the body with the ability to replace old cells with new ones and this renewal process continues throughout life." says Dr Kanwaljit Soin

The Straits Times article: Skin may sag but new brain cells continue to be made as we age (27 Oct 2019)

"However, not all is lost in older age. In the case of muscles, even though they weaken, they still respond to exercise." says Dr Kanwaljit Soin

The Straits Times article: Living Well: 5 reasons to celebrate longevity and population ageing (29 Sep 2019)

"Let me enumerate some good reasons why longevity and population ageing have to be celebrated." says Dr Kanwaljit Soin

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