Special Interest Circles (SIC) are volunteer-driven groups at WINGS who meet regularly for a common hobby. The volunteer leaders of the groups organise activities for members.

Set up a new Special Interest Circle (SIC) at WINGS

Support from WINGS:

  • Booking of WINGS’ rooms for SIC meetings (subject to availability)
  • Use of WINGS’ Zoom account for online meetings (subject to availability)
  • Use of WINGS’ atrium space for SIC activities


  • Must be a Client of WINGS
  • Minimum of 5 members in the SIC, including the Leader and Co-Leader
  • Meet at least once a month

Register with WINGS

Submit your proposal to info@wings.sg or call us at 62501012 for more information. 

Our existing Special Interest Circles


Plarning is for you if you want to exercise the dexterity of your fingers and make something useful for yourself and others. Plarning uses the crocheting technique to weave plarn (yarn made of recycled plastic bags) into everyday items like sleeping mats and bags. 

Donate your Used Plastic Bags

WANTED: Plastic bags! Looking for ways to reuse your plastic bags? Now you can give them a new lease of life by donating them to WINGS’ Plarning initiative. Our upcoming Plarning Special Interest Circle (SIC) will turn these plastic bags into useful items like crocheted bags, cushion covers and more for daily use!

Requirements: Used plastic bags of any size, in any colour. They should be in good condition (no “lobang”, please) and should be non-biodegradable.

How to donate: Simply fold your plastic bags into a triangle and drop off your plastic bags at WINGS office at 9 Bishan Place, #05-01, Junction 8 Office Tower. We are open on Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm.  Any queries, contact us at 62501012.


Led by WINGS volunteers, Han Soon Lang and Amy Tan, SONGWINGS comprises ladies who love to sing. They have been meeting up regularly over Zoom to sing together, as well as share some of their favourite songs. They also organise singing events and share the joy of singing with other WINGS women! Some past events include A SONGWINGS National Day and Screening & Dialogue session for Emily The Musical. And they look forward to more singing interludes! 

“It has been a wonderful platform for our ladies to bond and share a common interest. Many are enjoying the learning journey together!” – Han Soon Lang, SONGWINGS volunteer-leader

Joyful Singers 

JOYFUL SINGERS, a Special Interest Circle (SIC) at WINGS, shares the joy of singing through multilingual songs and singalongs. They perform regularly at the Lion’s Home For The Elders in Bishan and have participated in external events like the Healthy Women Healthier Families Carnival 2022 and the National Celebration of Seniors 2023. Additionally, they organize sing-along events for WINGS women to celebrate occasions such as International Women’s Day, National Day, and Christmas, fostering community spirit and connection through music.

Fun with Sudoku 

Led by 74 year old volunteer Lily Kow, Fun with Sudoku is WINGS’ longest running SIC. The group meets at WINGS every Monday to challenge themselves with fun Sudoku puzzles. Apart from keeping their minds active, the ladies also bond over lunch after the sessions. 

“The group was set up to engage members to exercise their brain through solving number puzzles in Sudoku, as it is proven that Sudoku helps to prevent dementia.” – Lily Kow, Fun with Sudoku volunteer-leader

Sugar Club 

Sugar Club is a Walking Special Interest Circle. The ladies meet up for weekly walks around Singapore. On top of improving their physical fitness, they enjoy bonding with one another during the walks. On 8 Mar 2022, the Sugar Club ladies organised a ground-up event, Women to Women: Our Golden Years, to inspire WINGS women to live an active retirement lifestyle. Led by WINGS volunteers Betty Teo and Dr Anne Marie, the group looks forward to meeting their walking targets for the year.

“I started this SIC because I want senior women to walk as a workout, so they can be stronger and fitter.” – Betty Teo, Sugar Club volunteer-leader

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is about fully experiencing the therapeutic atmosphere of nature with all your senses. It does not have to be only in forests, it can be done in any natural environment with trees. This exercise focuses on improving your mental and physical wellbeing. 

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Register with WINGS

Register your interest with us to join any of these SICs. Email us at info@wings.sg or call us at 62501012.