WINGS Health Icons

Check out the latest icons in our directory, crafted to guide you towards programmes tailored to enhance your well-being based on six health areas:


Programmes that stimulate your brain to improve or maintain cognitive function.

To List Some:

  • Tell Your Story with Electronic Scrapbook
  • Confinement Nanny
  • DIY Eco-Enzyme
  • Legal Preparedness
  • Just Sew It!
  • Sudoku Special Interest Circle
  • And more….


Multi-modal exercises that work on your balance, flexibility, strength & cardio.

To List Some:

  • All WINGS Fitness Classes
  • Mind Your Body – Bone Health
  • Build Lower Body Strength with Workout and Dance
  • Slow Run Special Interest Circle
  • Walking Special Interest Circle
  • And more…


Programmes that work on eye focus, ease eye movements, and stimulate visual processing.

To List Some:

  • Mobile Imaging for Social Media
  • Miniature Food Clay Workshop
  • Jewellery Beading Workshop (Basic)
  • The Macrame Art of Making Rope Jewellery & Mini Plant Hanger
  • Forest Bathing Special Interest Circle
  • And more…


Programmes that train your listening skills and encourage attentive listening.

To List Some:

  • Vocal Technique with Dezz
  • Vocal Coaching with Peter/Sia Yuen
  • Music Theory Basic
  • Ukulele for Beginners
  • Sunshine Chorale
  • And more…


Programmes that teach you ways to eat healthily.

To list some:

  • Mind Your Body – Nutrition
  • Salads for All
  • Ginger & Spice, Nourish & Heal
  • Wellness Vegetarian Confinement Meals
  • And more…

Mental Health

Programmes that teach you ways to self-care and how to improve your mood.

To list some:

  • Mind Your Happiness – Building Pluses + Putting Yourself First
  • Celebratory Floral
  • The Positive of Negative Emotions
  • Plarning Special Interest Circle
  • Joyful Singers Special Interest Circle
  • And more…

Watch this informative talk by Dr Laura Tay, Head & Senior Consultant of Geriatric Medicine at Sengkang General Hospital, to unlock the secrets of aging well!

Activities for you

We are in the initial phase of recommending suitable Clients to assess their health needs with ICOPE. ICOPE is a simple screening tool developed by World Health Organisation (WHO), that assesses your six areas of functional health – cognitive, mobility, vision, nutrition, hearing and mental health. Participants will be guided and empowered to set their health goals and come up with a personalised care plan.

WINGS is addressing these determinants by helping you identify your health needs and goals and connecting you with non-medical interventions through our programmes, activities and voluntary work.

The ICOPE assessment is recommended for persons aged 60 years and above. You can email your contact details to and our dedicated team will be in touch with you.